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Is there some kid of app out there to help me keep my house clean?

Just Kate

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Watch out for the language, but look up the UFYH (Un "Filth" Your Habitat) app. They have a blog too. The app prompts you to do little tasks (make the bed, empty the sink, etc.) in manageable chunks.


I used to use an index card system where tou set up a section of the card box for daily, weekly, monthly, etc. tasks, then move each card to the back of its section once you've done it. You could probably find a better description online.

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Thanks so much! I will check these out.


I was thinking of something like the Just Mommies Home Organization Plan (only as an app, rather than paper).


Any others? Or maybe I just need to use a calendar and schedule the things myself. Hmmm...


I just made myself a checklist on Excel. It gives the things that need doing every week, the monthly tasks and the ones to be done between. It just lets me see what to prioritise, and gives me a good feeling when I tick things off.



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