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Did I make up this poster?

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I remember a frequent poster in past months who seems to have disappeared. I thought her name was Lisa Marie but there is not anyone by that name on the user list. Her avatar was her face and she had straight hair, bangs, big smile. Do I have her name wrong? Did she leave? You can PM me if you want. It's weird when you suddenly realize someone is "missing"...

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There have been a number of name changes. Those who kept their avatars left a clue to regulars.



:iagree: I have been very thankful to those who left their avatars alone!


I am, however, missing seeing some people who haven't posted since Nov/Dec and whose names and avatars are the same (indicating active accounts). I hate to ask where they are, just in case they don't want to be 'called out', but I miss reading their posts.

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