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TOG users, can you help me?

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We are using TOG in our co-op. Last year I read a post by Marcia that talked about copyright. I cannot remember if it was on her blog, on the TOG forum, or somewhere else altogether In the post I remember her saying that she was okay with a mom sharing her copy of TOG with another mom as long as both were not using the same year at the same time. If one mom had moved onto another year then in her (Marcia's) mind it was not violating copyright to allow one mom share a copy with another. Now, this is from memory so I may not be correct on all the details, but that was the jist.


I have searched and searched and cannot find this post. I was hoping someone here might know what I saw or where I saw it. After reading it a mom asked if she could borrow my TOG year 1 and based on what I read I was able to say, "Sure!" Now in co-op some of our moms are on a really tight budget. I want to be able to share what I read with them so they feel good about borrowing and knowing they are not violating TOG's copyright. TOG has tightened up their copyright so I am curious if this post came down??

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Okay, I'll be upfront: I don't know about the blog post! But I just had to say hello! :seeya:


I would think that TOG is like other published items -- if you aren't physically using it, you can lend it to someone else (to preview or to use), but you can't copy it and both use it at the same time.

I am not using TOG this year, apparently I can only use it once every 4 when we study the Ancients. :001_rolleyes:


PS Are you on Pinterest??

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Hi, Lee!!! It's so good to "see" you. Wow, it's been a long time. Seeing the age of your baby girl just made me gasp. Three years old! Wow!!


Is that the typical copyright rule? If you are not currently using a product, it is okay to lend it out to use? I am a co-director of our co-op and I want to offer this option to our families. There is another co-op in our area one year ahead of us so it would be feasible for some of our moms who are on tighter budgets to borrow a copy for the year. I just don't want to suggest something that would violate copyright. I know I can contact TOG directly, but I wanted to check here first.


Yes, I'm on Pinterest. It's the only social media I manage to make time for anymore...and not much at that. I am sending you a pm. :)


Many, many hugs!! You made my day. :)

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I don't know how to paste on my phone(my computer is down). In the search type in "tog license" under FORUMS(in gray), not "this forum". The post is something to the effect of-so what can I do with my tog year 2. BTW, it's on the WTM forum not TOG forums.




Thank you, thank you, thank you!! That is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted it right from the source. I never thought to check this board. I was just checking over at all the TOG forums! :tongue_smilie:

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If I was to share the material it shouldn't matter what form it was originally bought in: Print Edition, Digital Edition or Digital + Print.


Now reselling it is another matter altogether. TOG allows ONLY Print Edition to be resold. DE or DE+ Print cannot be resold. :)



Sorry, but it does matter as to what edition. I've already posted this on your other thread:


It depends on the format you get the material in. Since Tapestry has been mentioned, allow me to point out that DE is sold as a computer program not a printed book. Yes, you can print it out yourself or even purchase a printed copy, but what you own is a computer program not a book. And computer programs can't be loaned. So loaning that kind of copy of Tapesty would be a violation of copyright laws.


You can pay more and get a hard copy of Tapestry. That could be loaned, but if you got DE, it can't be loaned. I imagine that Marcia's remarks might come from the time period when Tapestry was not in DE format but in hard print format.


Books, DVD movies, and audio CDs can be loaned, but computer programming companies have successfully changed how copyright is used.


Here are some official webpages dealing in part with DE:





You might consider posting this on their forum.

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It is my understanding that you can loan the print materials to anyone you like. I know one of the women in our group is using TOG on loan.



It depends on the origination of those materials in this case. The DE version is like an ebook, you might be able to print it out, but it is not like a regular book, you can't loan or sell it.

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