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Not liking Climbing to Good English


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It's sensible and straightforward, which I like; but it is so visually unappealing that I think it's almost oppressive to my son. The pictures and pages are sloppy and crowded and soooooooo bland. Looking for a more appealing alternative that still has a similarly logical approach. Suggestions?

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When I use CGE, I usually don't give the students the workbooks anymore. I tend to teach grammar by giving a sample sentence and then assigning sentence compositions, preferably with the current spelling words. I often tweak the writing assignments to use them over and over using the methods outlined in the free Write On! TM.


So I use the workbooks as a TM, to do a notebooking page or in some other stick-in-the-dirt method.


CGE is the most systematic introduction to handwritten reports and letters that I have ever seen. Most other curricula are assuming that students are doing their writing using a computer, and are not teaching some subtle but helpful little things that make handwritten papers easier and faster to produce. And CGE is the ONLY curriculum I've yet seen that teaches how to address an envelope according the USPS rules of all uppercase and double spaces instead of punctuation.


Most of the time I'm teaching directly from Write On! and Learning Grammar Through Writing, but I'm still referring back to the CGE workbooks for a few extra tips.

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