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Help me decide on 1st grade curric. WTM or ??


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Im planning dds 1st grade curriculum and Im torn.. I really want to follow the WTMs suggestions and Im fairly sure we will go with their suggestions for Grammer, History, Music and Spelling:


Spelling Workout

First Language Lessons

Story of The World

Color The Classics.. etc.


When it comes to Art and Science, I can't decide! Any input is appreciated:


Artistic Pursuits vs Drawing with Children?

WTMs suggested Science spines vs Elemental Science?


***(I am trying to keep the costs down and so far the WTMs suggestions are very reasonable. I know Artistic Pursuits is costly but I can make it work and Ive heard a lot of great things about it. Elemental Science is reasonable BUT by the time you buy all of the required resources it gets costly.)


I was also thinking of throwing in Handbook of Nature Study.


So any info/tips/suggestions you have, Im very grateful. Let me know what you have used, what you like, what you dont like, am I missing anything? Etc. Thank you to anyone who answers.

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I looked at a lot of different science programs but I think, with a good library, TWTM's science is the simplest and most cost effective. How much time do you have for prep? BFSU is more teacher intensive.


As for art, at this age, i think we're going to do harmony fine arts as appreciation and continue with messy art projects that have more to do with seasons and holidays.

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My dd wasn't ready for DWC at 1st grade age. She was frustrated that her drawings couldn't look like the model. AP works well for us.


I'd agree with this. Artistic Pursuits has been a good fit for the younger grades.


If you have time, I'd second the suggestions to look at BFSU -- it's economical and thorough, but it takes a time commitment on your part.

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have you listened to SWB's audio lecture on Science in the classical curriculum? it was helpful for me.


What I see most beneficial and most loved for the 6yo crowd is any kind of science that is hands on. Borrowing any Janice Van Cleave book from the libary and carrying out the simple experiments is a great low cost option. The other big win for us has been simple picture books on science topics from the local library. With really young kids, i want to enourage the joy of discovery, the fun of enjoying nature and i want to encourage curiosity. I kept thinking that we really needed a curriculum, but in practice, it doesn't take a whole curriculum to engage them (although a curriculum certainly can do this).


just a suggestion--if you don't have the resources in hand buy the science curriculum you desire, just start out with things borrowed from the library and add purchased curriculum when you can.


One other very low cost option that has worked for us is purchasing a used Harcourt science textbook from amazon. Having science material at the child's reading level is nice and the textbook is a springboard to study a topic more in depth. Here is an example of a textbook we've used. For .53 plus $3.99 shipping, it's a fun option. These textbooks have lab and experiment pages. i find often that my children will gather supplies and start the experiment. :) i think they find it empowering. :) No kidding, but i think those textbooks have encouraged way more experiments this year because the kids see the pictures and initiate...and then, me, busy mom homeschooling 6 kids, will join in. :) The best science is the science you actually do.


We have used AP for art as well. If you need time to save up to get that curriculum, a very nice free option to use in the meantime is artprojectsforkids.org.

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I appreciate your post. The advice you've received has encouraged me!


I have K and 1st (and preschool and toddler) this year, and we've just been following the WTM with picture books from the library. At first, I felt like my 1st grader would like/need more than just the picture books & nature study, and I stressed over the best way to achieve this with my age children, my time, money, energy, etc. However, this has been the best for everyone. It's been a nice gentle intro to science topics. I don't want it to seem to "school-y", I want her to like science. :) For Christmas we got a nice big book of science experiments for elementary ages. I look forward to including that to whatever we're interested in at the moment. There are experiments in the back of many of the picture books we check out from the library as well.


I will agree that Artistic Pursuits has been a wonderful investment for us. My daughter is naturally very skilled and artistic and she loves it. My other children enjoy it as well. Hey, even I've joined in! I am a terrible artist, but it's so nice to join in and learn along with them! Can you tell, I really like the curriculum that everyone enjoys? ;) It really is the only way that anything gets done around here.

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