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Essay due

Pod's mum

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It's 4 o'clock in the morning.

I haven't gone to bed yet and I have an essay due in 12 hours.

And. It's. Not. Coming. Together.


I've just counted up and in 7 years I've completed only 5 subjects (out of 24).

There have been a few withdrawals.


I think I'm over this.


I will get this essay done, but I truly, really do not care any more about quality.

I'm marathoning on getting through this last subject now.


Yes this is why I've been on the board A LOT lately. Essay avoidance.


Just want to finish up here and head back out of town again.


For various reasons.

Someone recently asked aren't I a bit old to be studying.

I said no.

I may have been wrong.


There, had my whine. Back to trying to sort pages of confusion into...something.

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Maybe a few hours of sleep would help.

Yep had a couple.

Can't say I like what is before me any more but the last batch of caffine has had some more proccessing time if nothing else.

Thank you


BTDT. I was always last minute. I always pulled it together, but always last minute. And I swore up and down I'd never do that again, but I didn't learn. LOL Best of luck to you!


Same here. Every time. Gets a bit worn that track doesn't it?

I can't believe I fall for it each time.


Madness is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (or something similar)

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Two hours to go and I finally have a 1st draft appropriate word count etc.

Whoo Hooo

Now to go back over notes and fill in dozens of references.

I have actually been reading and noting for this for ages and trying trying to get into it.

Anyway, looks like something similar to a University level essay will get sent, barring IT glitches.

Touching timber....

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I am doing a Bachelor of Education, Primary. Through Curtin University (Perth Australia). the course is fully online apart from the internships. I am hoping to be finished early next year, finishing my final internship half way thought next year.


what are you studying?


Hello, back again.


I'm studying 'reading for' a BA with Open Universities Australia.

I did an early unit through Murdoch, (Perth Australia), one through Griffith (Queensland), and the rest through Macquarie, (Syndney, NSW). I've completed 5 subjects, and am over 1/2 way through this one and withdrew partway through 3 others.

So in 7 years, I'm 1/2 way through 1st year (of 3).

Most have been Ancient History but this is my 2nd Philosophy unit.

At this stage I can still choose a 'stream' through Macquarie.


Or drop and run. Again.


Edited to cut out personal info. Cos I can.

Edited by Pod's mum
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HI, I have tried several times to send you a pm, but it isn't working so I will post the info here.

I am also studying through Open Uni ~Curtin.

I have 3 electives and I was thinking of doing some of the ancient history units that open uni offers. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on some that are really interesting. Please. Oh, and do they have exams.

Thank you.

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