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Need spelling advice/recs please


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My dd is 6, almost 7. She has been reading well for a year now (easy chapter books like MAgic School Bus). Her spelling though remains pretty poor. She writes paragraphs in her spare time, but it is hard to read because of all the spelling mistakes, which is a shame. She spells phonetically, and I assume that's ok for her age, but I'd like to help her along a bit. We have been using spelling workout A and I can see it is just not going to work for her - she makes exactly the same mistakes at the end of the week that she did at the beginning. If I retest her on words she got wrong a few lessons ago, she makes the same mistakes.


What would you do? Keep plugging along? Try something different and if so what? I'm sure somebody will recommend AAS, but if you do can you tell me the practicalities of this programme for a mother with 5 kids 8 and under please?

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I am not familar with all of the programs, but I like Spelling Power very much.

It is a little different than other programs because of the practice method. For the words the child misspells, he practices them in several different ways (learning the phonics rule, looking at the word to figure out the tricky part, spelling it out loud, spelling it out loud with eyes closed, writing or tracing it with huge letters using the whole arm). I think this is an effective way to practice learning spelling because it hits all of the learning styles. Perhaps the spelling program you are using isn't working with your child's learning style.


One caveat with Spelling Power is that it takes a long time to read the directions. It looks like an awfully complicated program at first glance, but it actually isn't complicated at all. I spend about five minutes working with each child on spelling, and then each one spends another five or ten minutes on the practice sheet. I keep a running list of misspelled words from Spelling Power and some misspelled words from their other work for extra review.

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