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Normal Behavior for a 7 yr old girl?

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My daughter is driving me batty. Yes, I have ADD, and her and I are alot alike. I really don't want to start her on meds, and I'm hoping that her ditziness is NOT ADD....but.....


She does not hear me. Period. If she does, she doesn't comprehend it. Example: You need 2 blue, 2 orange and 1 purple block. Huh? I repeat. 1 blue? I repeat it again, slowly, with spaces between each number. Still a blank look. I then tell her to get 2 blue blocks. Pause.....2 orange blocks. Pause.....and 1 purple. Then I make the mistake of telling her to bring them to me. Huh? Bring them to me. Blank look. We finally get this accomplished.


Then I ask her to put her school books on the puzzle box. She piles her books in the middle of the table, nowhere near the puzzle box. Where is the puzzle box, hon? I don't know. Do you remember putting the puzzle in the corner earlier today. Oh, THAT puzzle box. Okay. And she skips away. Leaving the books. in a pile. on the kitchen table. Yoo Hooo. Did you put the books where I asked you to? Um, did you ask me to put them somewhere? (I am NOT kidding, that was the question) Um yeah, on teh puzzle box. Where? :banghead: Nevermind. And I did it.


In addition, it took her almost 3 hours today, to do 1 math page, 1 reading page (read about 4 sentences and answer about 5 questions? and 3 wkbk pages. I held her hand through the wkbk pages and she STILL was confused. And they are NOT over her head. By any means.


Yes, this was an extremely bad day. But these things happen on a normal day, just not in this quantity. My phrase for this child is..."Look, there's a butterfly!" because that's about how her brain works. "12+24= Oh look, a butterfly!" The Sad Baby cried...Oh look, there's a spot in the carpet.


She is on Carlson's fish oil. The adult dosage. It regulates her moods, for the most part, but her concentration is driving me batty.


Please Help, advise, or, pass the Mike's.

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I don't know anything about ADD - but I have a 7 year old too. Seems pretty normal to me - though it takes us about 1/2 the time to knock through our book work. (Some days are much better - others worse - we do 1 page of Horizon's 2, some grammar, some reading comp).


I would add - DON'T have a hummingbird feeder within 50 miles of the schoolroom window. Lesson learned by me. Really. ;)

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Well, she does sound like my 11dd with ADD.


It would take us FOREVER to get through anything and she was behind in her school work/learning as she could not focus long enough to complete anything.


We held off on meds for a while but now, ON the meds, she can sit down with her work (ACE Paces for most things) do what is listed on her chart, do it well, etc. all in a nice amount of time. If she MISSES her meds, it is like banging my head on that brick wall in your post. I then have her double check to make sure she took her meds, give her 30 minutes and then she is able to sit down and do her work.


I don't think that meds are the first or only answer but they might be something to consider if other things don't help.

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