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You would think I would know better...


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By now I really should know not to do so many things. I am a reasonably intelligent person. Why is it that I still catch myself:


Leaving the chocolate on the counter instead of measuring out a proper amount

Thinking I can have a shower and WWIII not erupt in the living room

Reading the post of someone I have on ignore

Tweaking the schedule and expecting the schedule dependent child to roll with it

Agreeing to one cartoon when the early risers rise even earlier than usual

Sending everyone to thier room and expecting it to be quiet because everyone is doing what they are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!!


Screw the calories, either my good friend vodka or his pal vino are about to receive an invitation to a party at my house.


Anybody else want to come?


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I just found the dark chocolate chips, so wine and chocolate it shall be!


Everyone seems to be back on track so I may hold this shindig in the school room instead of the walk in closet!


:D Oh the picture of this. I can see it on the news. Homeschooling mom locks herself in closet with chocolate and wine. Kids go crazy and toilet paper neighbors house.

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