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Going from CLE math to Math in Focus


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Has anyone tried going from CLE math to Math in Focus? We have been using a combo of CLE math and Singapore PM Stds. for 1st and 2nd grade, but it is getting to be a lot. I feel like CLE is very solid and is surprisingly more conceptual than meets the eye, but Singapore PM and MIF have more of a focus on word problems, mental strategies, and application. I feel like the CLE progression is more logical to me and I like the built-in facts practice and drill, but I like the challenge that Singapore and MIF present and feel they would be good for my dd. She is getting burned out on CLE but enjoys Singapore PM. I feel like MIF might be a good compromise for us because it has more review and practice than PM. I also like the format a lot better. The TMs are crazy expensive but I like that they provide solutions and snapshots of the student pages. I feel like it is easier for me to see what to teach with those vs. the HIGs. I really do not like the setup of the HIGs. Does anyone have experience moving from CLE to MIF? There are some things CLE covers that I don't see covered in Singapore and MIF, so I'm wondering what the transition would be like. And if you use MIF, do you supplement with facts practice and speed drills?




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