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Free- Ray's Arithmetic- Online

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You must have read my mind, I posted those after this.

I just love older, antique like books.


I just love google books!


They have Harvey's Grammar, too, as well as a wealth of other old textbooks.

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Those links for Ray's Arithmetic are now obsolete. Try these:


Ray's New Primary Arithmetic


Ray's New Intellectual Arithmetic


Ray's New Practical Mathematics


Key to New Intellectual and Practical


Ray's New Higher Arithmetic


Key to New Higher


Ray's New Test Examples in Arithmetic


There are still further books by Joseph Ray:


Ray's New Elementary Algebra:


Ray's New Higher Algebra


Ray's Test Problems in Algebra:


Ray's Plane & Solid Geometry:


Ray's Geometry & Trigonometry


Ray's Analytic Geometry:


Ray's Elements of Astronomy:


More info on Ray's books :@

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Re: Key to Ray's New Arithmetics (Primary, Intellectual & Practical) by Mott Media


Just to let others know if they are in the same place as me, we spotted a mistake in the answers for Intellectual Arithmetic lesson 29 (XXIX) third part of Qu.9, ans should be 50/90 instead of 80/90. In lesson 30 (XXX), the first answer to question no.10, should be 1 1/10 instead of 4/5.


Well, at least one positive thing is it forces us to think and revise more and not take the answers for granted. I am changing some answers in the book, wherever any little space allows me to, but I think we need to create a new RA correction book.


If anyone comes across any more errors, please do let me know which questions they are.


Regards & God Bless!

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