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My son and I took a trip all over the Internet trying to find a writing program he is interested in.


He wants something very clear and systematic, but I don't like IEW and I don't like the cost.


He thought writing strands was slow and boring, and it talked like he needed to learn too slowly, (I agree.) We both found Essentials in Writing to be exasperatingly slow as well, especially since it requires a video.


This year I did my own thing with him and it was ok but not stellar. I had a hard time teaching him to organize his writing better. And I want something very laid out.


I want a whole year's worth of writing, clearly laid out, with a variety of assignments, no video to watch, and less than $50 or so.


I love WWE and plan to use wWS with my younger dd but WWS2 isn't finished yet and I'm afraid to start WWS1 with a 6th grader and then have to try something else later.



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Well, I do love IEW for a child who needs structured learning. However, I also like the Write Source books



These lead you through each step of the writing process and they have rubrics to help you grade. I think I linked the sixth grade book for you. You might want to check the website.


Another idea would be to do SWB's ideas of outlining a text and then writing from the outline. You can find that on her Plan for Writing: Middle Grades audio or in the WTM book.

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Have you looked at Jump In? It is very organized, it takes the student through writing diferent types of paragraphs/essays step-by-step, and if used with the Lifeguard's Locker (the TM) it has a lot of variety - the TM suggests working through one chapter in the student book, then taking a month to freewrite on a given topic four days per week (the TM gives a list of topics for each month) and polishing one of the rough drafts on the fifth day.


My 5th grader also outlines from her history reading twice per week, and we are working towards writing from the outline at some point.

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Here is where my ds5th grade is:


Knows how to plan, draft, use the Writing Process. Has done biographical, personal, historical narratives, short stories, and creative writing. His creative writing is witty and funny but a little predictable. It is pleasant to read.


He can use graphic organizers and he understands how to vary sentence structure and get rid of boring words.


He cannot do an outline but he will be learning that in a few weeks in Abeka grammar.


We tried Directed Writing and found that his original papers were better than after we added dress ups and we couldn't even find boring words. IEW seems pointless.


My biggest problem is him complaining to me and me not knowing what to assign next and getting tired of making up new topiccs.


I wonder if BJU would work...

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