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Bible with younger grade school kids...have you used....

momma aimee

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My boys at 5 and 7 (and no i am not sure how they got that old LOL)


does anyone have the Egermaeier Story Bible:



i am looking for something to read to the boys. i want a step up from the same old Bible Stories, but i want something more on their level too. I am reading The Story For Kids

http://www.amazon.co...eginning to end


and frankly i am not happy with it. the writing is not of the highest quality, and not edited well. I am wondering if anyone has experience with Egermeiers? or something else? I am going to finish the one we are reading, but am searching for where to go next


Or does anyone have a differn suggestion. i want the full bible, not just a collections of stories, but i want it readable for the younger set. not so much that they can read it, but that it is on a more accessable level to them when i read it to them.


we have a ton of Bible Story collections (The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, and others) but i was looking for something we could study a bit more, take it to the next level


I am also looking at http://www.amazon.co...=I27403I5TFJJ1H A Children Graden of Bible Stories (and the 2 workbooks) -- has anyone used them?



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We particularly like Catherine Vos' The Child's Story Bible (after the first section, which is a bit odd IMO) The writing is good, the stories are solid, and it gives a most complete version of a children's Bible.

I second Catherine Vos!


I third Vos!


Based on your recommendations, I took a look at this on Amazon and ordered it. It looks great.


Thanks, ladies!

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