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What to use..want kids to read great books etc..

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i'm not sure if they're "great books" in the upper elementary, i haven't looked any further ahead than 2nd (they had simple chapter books like charlotte's web, etc), but lesson pathways has a literature "path" for grades K-5 and as far as i can tell there are activities (younger grades includes arts and crafts and simple comprehension questions, for example) split up into weeks, which would be easy enough to break down into days. Again, not sure about the upper and i don't have time to really explore right now, but the website is www.lessonpathways.com you have to register, but it's all free.


hope that helped a little! :)

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I require my kids to be reading something all the time. If they can't find something, I'll help. They have to read b4 computer or x-box time, or free play. We also ususally have a read-aloud going on.

Summer schedules, the kids have to read at least an hour a day.


I like the SL, VP, WTM book lists- there are so many great books out there. Plus we go to the library a couple times a week so there is no shortage of great books- plus we have access to some great mags.

I don't personally like lit guides- I usually find the ?'s a bit obvious. My kids do narrate whatever we read- they seem to do this on thier own, but we are a very lit rich family -dh and I are always talking books/ideas in front of them and they seem to naturally do this, too.

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I like to use Classical House of Learning for book ideas that also correlate to our history. Dd10 has really enjoyed some of those books both this year and last. We certainly don't read every single book listed, and she has permission to start something and stop it if she doesn't get into it, but so far she has only exercised that right for a version of the Iliad that was too hard for her. We subbed it w/ an audio version and she's happily listening to it, picking up vast swaths of the story.


I also like to use parts of the student pages. I usually give dd the introduction and vocabulary list to reference, and we usually talk about at least some of the questions. And it's free! http://www.classicalhouseoflearning.com/

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