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Ideas for a pre-school co-op?


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I am doing a preschool co-op once a week with a couple of friends. We have 4 kids aged 3-5, and we take turns teaching. They have been doing this since September, but I just joined up with them. Next week is my first turn teaching.


Our goal is to have activities improving fine motor control. Today they made peanut butter cookies and painted a mural--my friend drew several birds and trees on a piece of butcher paper and the kids each painted over a few birds and/or trees. It's really laid back, but I need some ideas. Does anyone have a good website or pinterest board with ideas for fun preschool activities?

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Would they be able to do lacing cards? If they can, I bet they'd like to create the picture to go through and show you where to punch the holes in a piece of cardboard. They use fine motor skills to color or paint or cut and paste when you make the cards, then they have the card to play with over and over at home.


When I did preschool parks and rec, we did all kinds of stringing projects. They're kind of a cliche, but I love making pasta or cereal necklaces.

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I teach at a Classical Co-op and have the "Primary Track Art & Science" which is the 1.5 hours after recess and before lunch. Actually, two new families joined us this semester and I'm just going to be doing the art part now. :) The kids really vary in ability and attention span, but they all LOVE playdoh and listening to stories.


I've used a lot of the ideas I've pinned on those two boards I posted and here is what I've done specifically for art:

Baby Einstein's The ABCs of Art, by Julie Aigner-Clark

A: Angel, Angel Annunciating, Lorenzo Lotto -- feather painted with white on red

B: Balloon, Ballon Rouge, Paul Klee -- toilet paper tube circle stamping

C: Cows (and Curved Lines), Cows, Vincent van Gogh -- curved lines of string dipped in starch

D: Dog, Young Boy with Dog, Pablo Picasso -- colored dogs with only shades of blue crayon

E: Elephants, African Elephants, Charles-Emile Vacher de Tournemine -- long painting like elephants can be trained to do!

F: Flag, Flag on an Orange Field, Jasper Johns -- red, white, blue paper to make own flag

G: Girls, Reading (La Lecture), Pierre-Auguste Renoir -- words that begin with G

H: Horse, Little Blue Horse, Franz Marc -- water color pencil background for blue horse

I: Ice Cream, Untitled, Andy Wharol -- copied painting with construction paper cut outs

J: Jungle, Monkidew, Kenny Scharf -- painted circle, cut into spiral snake

K: Kite, Untitled, Andey Wharol -- paper bag kites

L: Lion, Lion at Rest, Rembrandt van Rijn -- glued straw mane onto copy of lion painting

M: Monkeys, Sueno (Dream), Alfredo Arreguin -- monkeys jumping on the bed poem & cutout

N: Nest, Le Domaine d’Amhein (The Amhein Estate), René Magritte -- paper nests with blue thumbprint eggs

O: Octopus, Octopus, Alexander Calder -- paint and find camouflaged octopi


Some more ideas (already mentioned, or on my pin boards): stringing beads/jingle bells on pipe cleaners, "tracing" letters or pictures with paint dipped q-tips, cutting along wide pre-drawn lines, sorting small objects with tweezers, using playdough to form specific shapes.


Of everything I've done this year, they were definitely the most attentive when the vinegar & baking soda were bubbling out of the jar! That could be made fine-motor specific if they used teaspoons to measure and pour baking soda, and then pour vinegar.


Have fun and be sure to share your ideas too!!!

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Check out slow and steady get me ready by June oberlander. You can get a cheap Copy on amazon. I love their activities.


I've used a lot of the ideas I've pinned on those two boards I posted and here is what I've done specifically for art: Baby Einstein's The ABCs of Art, by Julie Aigner-Clark


Hooray! my library has both of these--I've got them on hold now. :)

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