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After first semester with Chalkdust...

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We have 2 cons:

1. We prefer spiral. We do all the review problems, but need to rewatch dvd lessons to review our notes before the chapter tests and cumulative chapter tests.


2. At times the Larson text problems are MUCH more complicated than the dvd problems. We have to scramble to learn how to do them, when we don't understand the text explanation. We can usually find a math website, or a Khan video.


What are your cons? Similar? The obvious pro is that Dana Mosely is a great teacher!

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I've used pre-algebra, algebra and geometry with my 2 kids. Our biggest fustration is that sometimes the video doesn't cover something in the chapter. Not a big problem with my dd, but my ds had a real hard time recognizing when he should look through the book to get the info.


I plan to stick with Chalkdust because it is challenging, has Dana teaching on video and works for my kids. We do odd numbered exercise problems and every review problem. My kids have never mentioned the exercise problems being much harder..


Sorry that it isn't working for you. You could make it spiral by assigning some of the even problems from past chapters or sections every day. Kinda of hard to make a switch at this point, but you may have to.

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