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What Type of Balance scale should I get?


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For younger kids, I think you'll be better off with a cheap, sturdy bucket balance. We have one just like this, only without the bears. It's sturdy and they can play with it and you won't get nervous. :-)


If we need precision, I bring in my kitchen scale, which is digital and does grams and ounces. But we've only done that a couple of times. Bucket balance is best for elementary math/science, imo, because you can't mess it up and it teaches relative weights better than a one-number scale (like the digital one). And it's more accurate than other types of balance because items are in the bucket so you don't have to worry about position.


ETA: Just looked again and Learning Resources has this one for $15. The precision one you mentioned seems like overkill for early elementary, imo. And they won't learn more... it seems to me that a balance should be as simple as possible so they absorb the principles first. Later on, you can get more precision tools for middle-school science.

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