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I'm getting a real LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!


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I am so absurdly excited by this.


Right now, we have an 11x9.5' room that is supposed to be our laundry room. Except it's also the well room and the water heater room and, BTW, the original owners never made proper plumbing connections, so everything drains into the laundry room sink...except when it overflows onto the floor instead, which is awesome, made even more awesome by the fact that the drain in the center of the floor is actually the highest point in the floor, so water flows neatly around it and out into the hall. Oh, and did I mention that once the potassium permaganate spilled, and it can't be cleaned, so that means that any time it's really humid, anything you drop on the floor is stained forever?


BUT NO MORE! Beginning next week, the water heater is moving next to the boiler in its closet (whoop!), and the pressure tank, water softener, and water purification system are going to get their own closet and be properly plumbed so that they backwash correctly. So the rest of the room will be a REAL LAUNDRY ROOM.


I'm browsing Houzz and fantasizing over the luxury of being able to iron in the room that is meant for ironing.

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After the closet goes in, it will end up being 11'x7', with an extra bump out for the W/D. HUGE!!!! Not like now, where the room is big but it's laid out so badly with well equipment everywhere that there is no functional space. I'm putting a china cab with a hutch top in front of the closet on sliders, so I can have real cabinet space, and on the opposite wall, in front of the W/D, there will be a sink--smaller than a typical laundry sink, but I don't really need one of those--and a secretary I've set up as a sewing center. So I can actually do those small jobs somewhere other than the kitchen table. I'm hanging the ironing board on the wall or the back of the door.


I'm demoing all the drywall this weekend. (Did I mention that the walls are moldy and the electricity for the dryer runs in a conduit on the surface of the wall?)

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I remember the thrill when I first got my a laundry :laugh: .

Before that I had a washing machine on the outside veranda, and I had to carry the buckets of hot water from in the house.we had a really really small house and the washing machine could not fit. My DH made a sleep out separate from the house, the front half of it is the laundry, the back half is the spare bedroom ( actually ds18's room but he is away most of the year at uni).


Enjoy! :hurray:

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