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Please help - I can't get into the Chat Board!


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When I click on the Chat Board from the list of boards, I get this message from Google:


Oops! This link appears to be broken.






and this http://peacehill.org/forum/31-the-chat-board/ is waht appears in the address.


How can I get to the Chat Board?

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It seems to be working fine...try again?




Just tried it, still not working.

I cannot get it from the forum board list page or from my saved favorite list - the addresses look correct when I hover over the name, but changes to the peace hill address when I click.



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Try this link http://forums.welltr...board/?no=cache


Earlier this morning when I was addressing a server issue I had to restart the load balancer (directs traffic on our server). This caused this kind of behavior for a brief moment. You may have it cached in your browser.




This works, but once I'm reading a thread and hit 'chat board' link at the bottom of the page, I get 404 again.

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