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Book Ideas?

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I want to get myself a few homeschool/education realted books to read this year when we get our tax refund. Any suggestions for books that you have enjoyed and been inspired by. I'm not interested in the basic intro to homeschooling type books. I particularly enjoy books pertaining to Charlotte Mason, Classical, or nature based learning. Here is a list of ones I have read already:


TWTM(I read the elementary and Jr. High section)

A Charlotte Mason Education

More Charlotte Mason Education

A Charlotte Mason Campanion *

When Children Love to Learn *

Educating the Whole Hearted Child

Home Education

For the Children's Sake

Pocketful of Pinecones

Lessons At Blackberry Inn


I put a star by my favorites. :)

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7 Laws of Teaching (similar time as CM & similar ideas)


Poetic Knowledge or Norms and Nobility if you are ready for something a little more heady.


10 Ways to Destroy Your Child's Imagination is also very good and easy to read while still being very thought-provoking; it's about education if you think of education as formation and not just facts and skills.


Toward a Philosophy of Education was my favorite of CM's 6 volumes. It is the summary she wrote near the end of her life.

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