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Gluten-Free Vegan


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Hello Hive,


Are any of you following a vegan diet with the added twist of gluten-free?


I haven't eaten red meat for 20 + years now. In the last five years, I haven't eaten seafood, mostly for environmental concerns around fish farming and chicken is not my favorite. Approximately 6 months ago, I visited my naturopathic doctor due to low-energy. I mostly thought it was because of the effort I was outputting at the gym but testing showed that all forms of dairy protein will cause imbalance in my body. I wasn't so discouraged about this news, because I spent 6 years living a vegan lifestyle, but then it included pasta, bread.


Fast forward to Nov 2012, and a round of blood work and the results came back as a 8.2/9 for gluten intolerance. She recommended I stay away from any products containing gluten. The Holidays have come and gone and now, I need a plan.


I'm a wee bit discouraged about meal planning, in a house full of growing, athletic boys. Cooking different options get tedious and I don't expect my family to follow along fully with my food choices. I like them to be open-minded but I'm not all about the "eat this or else" mentality.


I'm wondering if any of you identify your food choices as "gluten-free vegan" and what are your best blogs, books for cooking in a way that is family-friendly, relatively easy to prepare and maybe some online community support.


Warmly, Tricia

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Gluten Free Goddess is vegan, I believe. (Irony: there are meatballs pictures at the very top of the recipe index. That was before she cut out animal products, obviously.)



Schar pastas are tasty and vegan, as are (at least) their sub rolls (which are insanely good).


Other than breads and pasta, where are your stumbling blocks?

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See if your library has

Gluten Free Vegan Comfort Food by Ferroni

Or either of the Flying Apron books by Katzinger

Both are specifically gf and vegan


Vegetarian Times has an index in every issue telling you if a recipe is gf, vegan, etc. I bleive you do this on recipe searches n their website.


For things that are not breads, many vegan recipes can be made gf with simple substitutions--rice or quinoa or gf pasta instead of ther ingredients etc.


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