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audio book suggestions?!?!


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We are avid readers and so I have picked up some really great suggestions over the year as I have read each of your comments on favorite books.

We used to listen to several audio books but now we have moved to a smaller town and they don't offer that great of a selection on audio.

My question for you all is can you give me some of your favorite audio books. It is hard to pick sometimes because some audio versions are not as good as the written version. I want to purchase a couple of really good ones but I want to make sure they are worth the investment. Also, is there a reputable website where I might could buy some used audios?


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We've listened to many books on tape - that's the way we spend our drive time :auto:. Some that stand out (because they were enjoyable to listen to) are:


Mr. Midshipman Hornblower (and the rest of the Hornblower series!) - C.S. Forester

A View From Saturday - E.L. Konigsburg

A Long Way From Chicago (hilarious) - Richard Peck

A Year Down Yonder (sequel, also hilarious) - Richard Peck

Redwall (and other "Redwall" books) - Brian Jacques

The Lord of the Rings (especially with different actors reading the different parts - it's like being there!) - J.R.R. Tolkien


We always listen to the unabridged versions (don't want to miss out on anything). There are many more, but if these stand out in my memory with no looking back at notes, they must have been good. You don't mention your children's ages, but these are good elementary - adult.




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I don't purchase many audio books because of the expense, but we always have one going. For free books, I like Librivox. I download books from there. We listen on our ipod. You can also listen on-line. We are currently listening to Just David by Eleanor Porter. We are really enjoying it.




Another site that I like for free audio books:



I use iTunes Player software. It's free here:



I use that to keep up with what I've downloaded, to sort, and to listen on the computer.

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