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Kindlefire Hd/Nexus 7 for homeschooling..........


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Hi all,


I am a homeschooling mom of two kids outside US.


I am planning to buy any 3g/4g(preferrably) tablet for homeschooling my kiddos ,on which kids can open pdf and word document files,read e books of kindle


account,can access to flash based videos,youtube educational videos


and Time4learning online video tutorials,wordlywise online version along with skype,e-mail and facebook access.


I also travel a lot it would be very convenient for hsing my kids. I also want to read aloud. and I think tablet would be my only option.


I hope someone can help me out. I was also thinking of a ipad but its expensive and what do you think buying a kindlefire hd tablet would be beneficial to me as


it is not available for buying at my country of residence.


If anyone has kindlefire hd 8.9" or Google Nexus 7 ,kindly tell me so if I hav to ask any specific queries regarding devices,could contact further.


Thanks for your time and efforts.

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Each of my girls has a Nexus 7, and we've been very happy with our purchase.


account,can access to flash based videos,youtube educational videos


No new Android tablet (including Kindles) has official Flash support, neither would an iPad. Adobe has abandoned Flash for Android. I believe the new Windows tablets support it, but only on "approved" sites, whatever that means. They're also insanely expensive.


That said, there are workarounds for both the Nexus and the Kindle to install Flash, but there's no guarantee it will work after the next OS upgrade because Adobe is not releasing updates.


YouTube doesn't need Flash to run, so you'll have access (and the option of a dedicated app) no matter which tablet you choose.


In which country do you live? I'd want to make sure I could purchase content before choosing a tablet.

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