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18" doll clothes


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I have a dusty sewing machine that I haven't used in two years. I made dd a quilt for her new toddler bed when we had ds, and enjoyed it very much, but don't sew nearly as much as I'd like...


I got dd a girls of grace AHG doll for Christmas and am thinking it would be fun to make doll clothes for her. Does anyone do this? If so, what are some good patterns I can order or tutorials, resources in general for an intermediate sewer?

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I have done this in the past. I've bought several Simplicity patterns that were fairly easy. The one challenging thing with doll clothes is that the seam allowance is quite small. I think it is generally 1/4 inch. Imagine trying to sew on a doll sleeve with a seam allowance that small. The trick for an intermediate sewer would be to choose simpler projects. Sew the sleeveless jumper rather than the dress with puffy gathered sleeves. It's worth the effort, though. I've sewn matching dresses for my dd and her doll over the years and it is so adorable.

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Hi -


I just recently started making doll clothes for my daughter's American Girl dolls. I have used some of the free Liberty Jane patterns. They are a good place to start and they have some cute patterns to choose from. The patterns and tutorials that I have found most helpful are from here:


She makes it easy for even a beginner like me to make cute clothes. I am enjoying this thread with all the ideas of other places to look for patterns.




Good luck!


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I have not personally sewn too many doll clothes as I can hardly stand to sew things that small. I am just wired that way.


However, I do have several grandaughters who I am sure will come to love AG girls one day so I am keeping up with the patterns.


Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy on PBS has done several shows with Joan Hinds on 18 inch doll clothes. Joan's patterns are designed for efficiency and ease in sewing. Each garment is said to be able to be sewn in 30mins. I love that!




The above link is to Nancy's network blog and you can view all 3 of her shows about doll clothes there.

2512 and 2513 were the first ones aired in 2011 and 2622 is the newest one that aired in January of this year.


Kwik Sew is a pattern company that I have come to love and trust over the years. Their patterns work, fit and are designed the way I like to sew. (I am not putting in a keyhole neckline or a zipper in a t-shirt if I can pull the thing over my head! I would check out some of their patterns. Buy them online if you have to..they are that good.

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