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Update on sledding injury girl


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So I got the scoop on sledding injury girl today. Talked with a dance mom that has regular playdates with injured girl family. Okay so it turns out she didn't hit the snowmobile. At the bottom of the hill, the family had park THEIR snowmobile and had a sled attached to the back with the 1 and 3 year olds in it and the mom setting up a hot cocoa "picnic". Girl went down the hill and right in front of mom hit the plastic sled holding the little kids on the back of the snowmobile. They initially thought she hit the snowmobile and of course my initial info was 3rd hand of course and messed up. So this plastic sled sliced through her face, and the impact broke her cheek bone. So she was unconscious and her face was gaping with obviously broken bones showing. They rescucitated, transport...ed yada yada. She is 5 btw. Her first surgery temporarily set the bones and stitched up her face. The swelling is 90% gone, PTL her eye was saved, she can SEE as of yesterday. Monday she will go under teh knife again. She will have reconstructive surgery similar to what desmond had, where they pull the face back to put in plates etc it is with a plastic surgeon and expected to take about 8 hours. Dr's say she will have many months still in hospital recovering but she is doing very very well thus far.


The dance mom and her best friend started a nonprofit fundraising company last year so they are putting together an event called Miracles for Mya, selling dance tickets, silent auction etc. I am googling how to make headbands today. This little girl has serious self esteem issues already due to some bullying she faced when her brother cut her hair to the scalp. Well of course they need to shave a whole section to do the surgery. The dr anticipates that it should be able to be covered with wide headbands while the hair regrows, so it would look like she had it pushed back rather than gone. So that is my mission tonight, google how to make them.

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