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OMGness! Every one of you missed the hilarity at my house


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For what ever reason there was a large paper bag with handles in the second parlor. The cat was in the bag. At some point she attempted to leave the bag by sticking her head through a handle. The bag tore. The cat terrified herself and started hissing. The dog jumped down to see hat was going on.


The upset the cat even further ( she hates the dog). There they go. The cat with the bag handle now around her body, the dog in hot pursuit, the bag and cat making the most unholy racket. Through the first parlor, then the foyer, up the stairs to where the other cat was sleeping.


Eventually I found one cat on top of a bookshelf, one cat under a bed with a bag still attached, and a dog unable to decide which cat to "help"


At this point dh comes running up stairs from the basement. He has no idea what is going on. Dd and I lift the bed (remember he has had shoulder surgery recently) the cat bolted again. We caught her and had to cut the handle off to release its grip on the cat. Do you know what it is like to come after a terrified cat with scissors?


Oy! What an adventure.

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Oh too funny! That reminded me of the kitten we had when I was in high school. She got a little too curious one night and stuck her head in a Kleenex box. Poor thing was terrified and was banging her head around attempting to get it off. My mom found her in the bathroom (it was about 2am), and was eventually able to catch her and free her. That cat gave us more hours of entertainment.

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I love how cats are simultaneously drawn to bags and terrified of them.


Yeah, what is with that?


I'd had that bag for at least two Christmases. I used it to store holiday stuff.


Now I have to go shopping at Macy's to get another. Do you think dh will like that logic? :lol:

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