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Any free resources for teaching spanish?


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At that age, you can play music with Spanish lyrics, watch videos in Spanish (a number of DVDs have a menu option where you can choose to hear the dialogue in either English, Spanish or French), and check out videos from the library. Whistlefritz makes some good ones, and Plaza Sesamo is the Mexican version of Sesame Street. DD enjoyed the ones we checked out.

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We have been using these videos since the kids have seen all of the Salsa videos multiple times. There are four sets of Spanish/Espanol videos: First Step Espanol, First Step Espanol again, Next step espanol, and Next step en Espanol again. I belive the again ones are review. I also just purchased Getting Started With Spanish. It wasn't free but it was only 9.95 for my Nook. We have done it this week and I really like it.

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Do you have access to a good library? That would be your greatest help.


This is what we're doing for Spanish right now. DD is 5.5.


http://bluehousescho...ch Them Spanish


PS - If you could find some sort of curriculum to use as a spine, then you could reinforce the material with various DVDs, picture books, etc. that are available from a good library. We use LIttle Pim, Whistlefritz and other DVDs, but also picture books, as appropriate. We also use resources available for free online.

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Some of this is repeated info .. but I am just copying and pasting from a doc I compiled links in for my homeschool co-op group. We are also really liking Getting Started With Spanish but it's not free unless you can interlibrary loan it from your library! =D


Hey all,


Just thought I would make a list of Spanish resources that I've found online in a doc so it's easier to find than scrolling back down through all the other posts! This is also helping me organize my huge pile of random bookmarks (just the Spanish Resources folder though.. lol) I'm pretty sure everyone can edit this doc so if you have any to add.. please feel free=D I will be adding more as time (and baby) permit.


PS - I do not take credit for finding all of these myself.. just that I'm listing all I've "found" both on my own or through various other sites and people's suggestions, blogs and wherever.


PPS - I have not previewed ALL these for content. You may want to do so before having your youngers watch anything.. If you find something objectionable in anything, please post a warning on that resource. Thanks!


Online video streaming - full immersion


1.a. Salsa Spanish - 42 episodes + 4 online games : http://www.gpb.org/salsa

1.b. Teacher materials for Salsa - click on Salsa then teacher materials for the .pdf : http://edu.wyoming.g..._standards.aspx


First Step/Next Step Series with Teacher guides

2. First Step Espanol - 10 Lessons : http://www.knowitall...riesIDpassed=43

3. First Step Espanol Again - 10 lessons follow up to First Step Espanol: http://www.knowitall...riesIDpassed=57

4. Next Step Espanol - 10 Lessons follow up to First Step-Again: http://www.knowitall...riesIDpassed=52

5. Next Step en Espanol Again - 10 Lessons follow up to Next Step: http://www.knowitall...riesIDpassed=87


6. Mi Vida Loca - a mystery adventure (for teens?) 22 ten minute episodes with user guides: http://www.bbc.co.uk...l_details.shtml


7. El Perro Y El Gato - Not quite full immersion but FUN!! On Youtube

Listing of episodes from HBOLatino's Youtube channel .. http://www.youtube.c...Perro Y El Gato

And more that aren't on the above list

Manners - http://www.youtube.c...re=results_main

Trip - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=LGsiQo-WPbs

Grooming - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=aTZbatgCIyY

Vacation - http://www.youtube.c...BCAF290&index=2

Limonada! - http://www.youtube.c...BCAF290&index=8

Sharing - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=_WQ6wAkdUeU




Lessons - Grammar, Pronunciation, etc.


1. For teen/grownups - http://www.senorjordan.com/los-videos/

2. Quite dry but seems very thorough on the equivalent of a tape/cd course. May be helpful for scope and sequence: http://www.thespanis...panish-lessons/

3. Streaming lessons in English/Spanish, Art in Spanish, Lyric Language 1 & 2 + more: http://www.ket.org/i...fering/foreign/




Online Games/Interactive


1. A little hard to navigate: http://www.onlinefreespanish.com/

2. Interactive and cute for vocabulary - matching games - looks like lots of good info: http://www.spanishto...tm#.UGIdSVFS9Tg



Printable Worksheets/Mini-books


1. Homework worksheets - fancy: http://www.kidsspeak...g/homecon.shtml

2. Printable mini-books (can be read on-line in .pdf): http://tesoros.macmi...wo-page-spreads



Online Audio - Songs


1. Awesome! http://www.kidsspeak...esp_Songs.shtml



Blogs/Teaching Helps & Lesson Plans/Other Helpful Stuff=D


1. Senor Wooly video blog on "Native Speakers": http://www.senorwool...ative-speakers/

2. Blog post on basic Spanish Immersion in your home with 12-week plan (need the books though): http://onemagnificen...-your-home.html

3.a. Old school textbbook that looks interesting: http://books.google....epage&q&f=false

3.b. Teacher guide for the old school textbook: http://books.google....epage&q&f=false

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we thought "Hola amigos. Volume #: a gentle introduction to the Spanish language" was good when ds10 was around 5 yrs old (age rating says ages 4-9)

(image of volume 1)




this online site is free...so far the lessons are working quite well for my 4th grader (tho he says the Recall part aloud and I type it in since my focus for now is on his learning to speak Spanish, not necessarily write it), but probably a bit advanced for ages 3 & 5.

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