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Writing Strands-do you need the evaluating writing book?


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Do you really need the "evaluating writing" book with Writing Strands? I was thinking about picking up level 3 for DS13 and DS9. Neither one has had a LOT of writing and it looks like it'd be good for them. Plus, it's part of the recommended LA for MFW and we are thinking about using that next year. It'd be nice to be able to put both boys in WS4 next year together...

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If you are comfortable with coaching writing, then it will not be needed. If you are looking for ways to have conversations about ways to improve your writing, you might like. The book isn't important to have. Some of the samples of student writing seem on "advanced" writer side of it.


I'd encourage you to start with the simple suggestions MFW gives on its FAQ page about WS and when you struggle with it


I think this link will work...


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