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Thanks to talk radio...


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We all got flu shots today. Yep, family field trip. Dh and the little girls got theirs already, but the three older kids and I got to a wonderful doctor who I absolutely love, but she has her own practice and ran out of the shot a while ago and hasn't even able to get a new supply. I know I could have gone to CVS, but they would only give it to DS1 and me, and thenI'd have to sit there with all the kids and fill out paperwork, and then what about the other two, blah, blah,blah. It's so much easier when you just have to fill out the consent form. So, today I'm listening to talk radio and the guy was stressing the importance of the flu shot and I'm starting to get panicky and then dh comes home early and was listening to the same show and so he called his doctor and they could take us all. So, they did. And now we're done. Sometimes I am so thankful when dh just does stuff like that.







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