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Anyone use MFW with middle schoolers?

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I'm looking ahead for next year and wanting to simplify things a bit. I have a younger dd that will be 5th grade who has special needs (dyslexia, etc.) and oldest will be 8th grade. We've only been homeschooling for about a year and a half and they've both got entirely different curriculum, not to mention that I work outside the home. So, I do need something where the kids can work a bit independently with some guidance/discussion from me. I like the idea of incorporating more Christian/Bible into our school studies.


I'm considering doing something like MFW next year, but to me it seems pretty light for jr high. My oldest would like to do the civil war and modern history, which I guess uses SOTW 4 with the activity book and outlining. And we've been using IEW for writing, so I could do that alongside the MFW history/literature, etc. Anyway, I just wanted to get some input from those who have used it with a middle schooler. What's the workload like? Is it a full 4 hours per day? How teacher intensive is it?

It's hard to really get a feel from the one sample that's online, so thought I'd get some real life input if anyone has done this.


Thanks :)


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I used this with 7th grader, 5th grader, and dyslexic 4th grader. It was a great year, probably my favorite of MFW. It's been a few years since we did it, so I will try to remember. It seems like it took a while to read all the books aloud, but I still did it because I had 3 doing it, the dyslexic ds needed it, and we enjoyed doing it all together. The discussions were great. We had Netflix so we watched a lot of movies that went along with what we were studying.


The only teacher intensive part is all of the reading. I would do that in the morning, then they would all do their individual subjects. THe 8th grader would do his own 8th grade science, but the 5th grader would do MFW science that is included.

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