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Thoughts on Dorothy Mills' Middle Ages?

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We haven't used it, but I do own it. We have used Book of the Ancient World, Renaissance and Reformation Times and are about to start Book of the Ancient Greeks, so I can say how much we like the writing style of D. Mills. My younger dd reallly wants to read Middle Ages, so if I give in.... :)...lol....then I will be starting Book Notes for it sooner than I had planned. Either way, we really like her books. I love how she integrates primary sources and literature excerpts. It makes it so easy to add primary resources to it. If you'd like to know anything more, I can get my book and look it up for you.



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I have not used Book of the Middle Ages, but we are using Ancient World/Greeks/Romans this year. We have already finished Ancient World, and DS11 has already finished the Greeks book and will be starting the Romans soon. (DS10 is in the middle of the Greeks now.) My DC have really been enjoying her books, and they can't wait to get to history every day. I adore Mills' writing style, and I am assuming that same style carries over into her other books. DS10 will definitely be reading the Middle Ages and Renaissance books next year. I may try to have DS11 read them mid-spring through summer, as we are fast-tracking him through ancients and middle ages, so he can start American next year.

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We loved it. We used it and her Renaissance book for a semester each.


The books are very balanced and include a lot of details on culture and context. They are just wonderful books.


This exactly. We used those two last year and just wish there were more like them!

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