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Homeschooling in Kentucky?

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I have a few questions about HSing in KY. We are looking at the Bowling Green area. I am originally from Southern Indiana and know Northern KY fairly well, not so much the south part. I've looked up the laws and I think I understand them pretty well. What I'm looking for is classes, groups or Co-ops in the area, activities for the kids (nature center, parks and rec ect..) and if anyone has information on dual enrollment in KY in particular at BG tech college that would be appriciated.


Also if you actually know the town of Bowling Green, which neighborhoods are the most kid friendly?

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I'm in Paducah. Bowling Green is considered "western" Kentucky. Paducah is considered "far western" Kentucky. :)


Your only immediate state requirements: Mail in your letter of intent to homeschool to the public school superintendent in your district. Keep track of the days you homeschool, to equal 178 or 180 or so.


In regards to the dual enrollment, just this semester, WKU (West KY University in BG) has officially begun recruiting west KY homeschoolers in the region to enroll for their online dual enrollment courses.


Deadline for enrollment was yesterday, Jan 11th. Application must have been processed before that . . . so you may need to wait for Fall . . . OR push very hard on Monday! Ha.

Here are the course list the coordinator sent us:



CHM 101C – Introduction to Chemistry

ENGL 100C – Introduction to College Writing

FACS 111 – Human Nutrition

MA 109C – General Mathematics

POLS 110C – American National Government

PSYC 100C – Introduction to Psychology

SOCL 100 – Introductory Sociology

UC 100 – College & Career Exploration


dewayne.neeley at wku.edu is the coordinator's name/email address. Substitute the @ symbol for the "at" here (so he doesn't get spammed).

This info was current in mid December, but will get you toward your goal!


My local homeschool group contacts are all west of the LBL area. Sorry!


Welcome to the Bluegrass State! :)

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I'm all the way over in the bluegrass but I just wanted to say welcome. It sounds like you've figured out the legal requirements are not at all difficult to meet. WKU does have good dual enrollment options and it looks like Beth got you that information. I hope it isn't too late for next year. If you are looking for free/low cost online options there are a couple that work for some Kentucky students. KET has some online courses including Latin and German. http://www.dl.ket.org/ Barren County also has a virtual academy that includes some homeschoolers from around the state. Individual districts have agreements so not every county can participate, but for participating counties it is very inexpensive (just a small deposit your student gets back once they complete the courses. Not sure if your area participates but thought I'd toss that out just in case. http://www.barren.kyschools.us/content_page.aspx?schoolid=11&cid=622

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Thank you both, I appriciate all the info I can get. We are actually years away from College but, it is something I must think about when deciding on a particular state.

ETA- So I looked at BAVEL and I am very excited! H.S. has always been a concern of mine. DS is only a couple years away from this being an issue. Bavel looks exactly like what we would want (not looking forward to higher math!).

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