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Peace Child or The Heavenly Man?

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I've read both and like both. Peace child is a wonderful example of a foreign missionary findig a cultural link to share the gospel ad the powerful change that came about for that people group. The reader will clearly understand the gospel (if they didn't already) by how it corelates to the story line. Wild stories. Amazing. Heavenly man is a recount of how God used a man (plus visions and miracles and impossible stories) in his own country to powerfully proclaim the gospel. It paints a real picture of the persecution today's church experiences in other parts of the world and hightlights how God uses scripture to speak to us. Both really good. I think I would go peace child if my kid had any interest in missions or had any confusion about the gospel, heavenly man if I felt they needed to see God's power and provision.


ETA - It's been a long time since I read these, but I feel the theme of peace child is God will make a way when there seems to be no way to communicate the gospel that is needed for every heart. Heavenly man more along the lines of My grace is sufficient for you in times of suffering and when God decided to move, who can stop it?

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What is the report on? Is it along the lines of a book report?


I agree with Rondi that both are excellent books. You really can't go wrong with either. They are both on my dc's must-read list before completing high school. Peace Child is set in Papua New Guinea during the 1970s and gives great insight into the work that missionaries do to establish themselves as a part of the community and then to transmit the Gospel to that culture. It's an insight into a people group that lives in constant fear -- of the gods and of other men. The culture is transformed when they are able to understand the entire Truth of God's love for them.


Heavenly Man is equally amazing but different. It's not a missionary book, but instead about the tremendous suffering and persecution that Christian believers undergo in Communist, state-controlled China. But in the midst of terrible persecution, God is mightily at work. It's like Acts in current day China. And it's a story of unfearing faith and great hope.


Really, you could just toss a coin. They are both excellent and you can't go wrong with either.



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