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Cuisenaire rods PULL THROUGH!

Mommee & Baba

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We introduced the rods to our homeschool last summer. I have a very mathy dd who enjoys numbers. Having her switch to using the rods has allowed her to continue to advance and really enjoy the relationships between numbers. My ds enjoys learning math with the rods too! Right now it's play for him but he can show me what rods are shorter than a certain rod and vice versa. It's brillant, really!


My main reason for posting is for my oldest dd. She struggles with SPD so having her adjust to new methods can be a bit of a learning curve for all of us. She loves school and is very good at her school. She's not failing in any of her subjects, but I noticed she was taking math extremely S.L.O.W. and I am wanting her to come to the level at her own pace! The joy of homeschooling! So we've been working with the rods since last summer and today she did something that made me proud. My dd7.5 can do mental math fairly well! My oldest dd cannot. She struggles and really has low self esteem about it. The other day I asked her to get me the rods that represent a series of numbers since we were adding in columns. I asked for two 5's, two 4's, and a one. She smiles from ear to ear and I'm wondering what's the beamy smile for...this is what she tossed onto the table with CONFIDENCE!


One 10 rod & one 9 rod. I just wanted to SQUEAL!!! She went from having to get every single rod that represented each number and to see that she did MENTAL math finally has me so proud of the HER, the RODS, & my patience! :) I JUST had to share!!!!

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