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x-post to high school: SAT/ACT Accommodations

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Has anyone successfully gotten accommodations for the SAT/ACT? I am looking into it for my 16yo 11th grade son.


He had a learning assessment October 2009 with a L.D. Specialist. She recommended he take tests untimed because of processing issues and see a medical professional for a possible ADD diagnosis. In spring 2010 he visited a developental pediatrician and has been on medication for 2 1/2 years. He has taken standardized tests before without accommodations (PSAT in 9th grade, CHESPE), but does not test up to his potential. He especially has difficulty with the math (computation) sections. He wants to be an engineer, so those scores are important.


I gave him a practice ACT test. He didn't even get to 1/3 of the math problems. His scale score was still above 50% for math, so he obviously would have done much better with more time.


At home he naturally accommodates taking much longer than normal on his assignments. He also uses a timer system to keep on track during the day.


If you have any experience or advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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