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Humor: methods from too-honest scientists ...

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... this came to me via one of DH's postdocs: overly honest methods.


For background: they look like excerpts from methods sections of papers, which are [often interminable] descriptions of the nitty-gritty details of the experiments, ostensibly so that others can replicate the results.


enjoy :)

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Oh how I wish I could sneak something like that in my manuscripts! It's much easier in be truthful in job adverts: "Seeking hard-working but laid-back technician who can tolerate cranky 5th-year PhD student while stepping over alligators & pythons and walking in muck up to your waist."

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Fisher=Walmart made me laugh. I also loved the PCR cycles and the postdoc leaving for a bakery. I am a Ph.D. That left for motherhood. I do miss the Fisher catalog though.

I loved the "Sigma Scientific" catalog. They had some really cool histology dyes and chemicals.

BTW thanks for this, I sent it to "everyone" .

Also, cmarango - The Carolina Biological Supply Catalog is great for home school science and perusal by scientific Moms....it is more like Target though.

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