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Koine Greek?

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DD will be using MFW AHL next year and has decided she'd like to learn Greek with it. I have no idea which program to use. I'd like something relatively inexpensive (less than $100 maybe?) and open and go. She enjoys dvd's if the teacher is good.


Suggestions? (Her goal is to be able to read the New Testament in Greek.)

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I would suggest Elementary Greek. It can be started at mid grade school age but my high school son is going through twice as fast. I personally think all three books are the level of two high school years. I took Greek at college level and like how it teaches. Very clear and no fluff but enough practice. I have heard suggestions for what to do afterwards on here if she wants to keep going - I can't remember the name but somebody else should.

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We are using Athenaze as a route to be able to read Koine Greek. It is Attic Greek, but it incorporates portions of the NT into the textbook. If you can read Attic Greek you can read Koine Greek. I read somewhere that after completing Athenaze 1 and 2 you should be able to read and understand most of the NT. We are only a little way into the first book and we can already understand a little.

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