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Math club for mixed ages/levels?


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DD would LOVE to start a math club next year, similar to what we're doing for the NME and ELE prep groups. My concern is simply that I don't think we have any 2 kids who are on the same competition grade and math level who are likely to be interested-the kids range from about age 6-7 to 12-13, and range in math skills from about a strong 2nd/3rd grade to algebra-probably some will be doing geometry next year. All are accelerated in math, about half are identified GT.


Any ideas? Is this something that we're likely to be able to make work?

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My DD's math circle runs mixed-age groups, with about a 3-year range in the groups, so you might do 2 groups: maybe 6-9 and 10-13. In her program, they explore math concepts outside of a normal math curriculum, so it doesn't matter so much what the kids have or haven't covered, until they are a bit older. The mixed-age group for kids 13-18 assumes knowledge of algebra.


You mention competition level- I suppose that might might the mixed-age group more difficult. My DD's math circle is not competition-based, but has more of a group problem solving atmosphere. I know there are programs out there that are involved with various math contests, but I haven't seen one in action. I am sure we will be looking for one in a few years though, maybe when DD is 11-12.

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