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Genesis: Finding Our Roots


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My 11yods is going through this in conjunction with HOD's Creation to Christ. It's been a hard go for him but we are finally getting down to a rhythm with it. For the most part, I've enjoyed it but there have been a couple of places that have made me go "huh?". There's a chapter about Adam making sacrifices under the Cherubims that I thought was a real stretch of imagination but we read it and went on.


We believe in young-earth creation so most of it was right in line with our beliefs. I think some of the correlations she makes between Chinese writing and the Bible were the hardest for me to take at face value but maybe that's because it was a totally new concept for me.


My 15yods had read it last year and found it completely fascinating as many of her points were totally new to him and as an older student he was able to process the information much better than my 11yods this year.

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