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4 y/o learning "naughty" words from ipad youtube - how do I block it?

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Okay, so my adorable little 4 y/o boy the other day asked me, "Mommy, does Darth Vader say f*%$er?"


I just about fell over as I don't even let the word "damn" in our house.


So, here is the problem... we have blocked youtube on the ipad, however, when my little boy plays Angry Birds, it pops up youtube throught the internet so you can click on Angry Bird youtube videos. Not all bad, except when some idiot wants to swear while he is narrating his game...and then your little guy repeats it.


Any one know how to block youtube for good?


Please, please let us know.



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I have it blocked on our computer with the free K9 software. It is easy to get around (when your child is older and tries to do things like that :)), but for just generally keeping a child from ending up on youtube it is perfect and simple. I'm not sure on an ipad how that works, but maybe they have an app or something. :)

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