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Grand Teton Relay- Have you done it?


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Oh do it. It looks so fun for runners. You'll have the van nearby. Is there a history of bears eating the runners? :laugh: Carry a soda can of rocks to make noise. We want pictures!



No, they even claim that they don't expect anyone to get eaten but my concern is the bears getting the memo. :D They do require that the van has at least one can of bear spray that runners can carry with them. Some parts of the course are back country where the van can't go. Every time I talk myself into it, I think of bears, moose, elk, and deer and quickly change my mind. While they are all very pretty animals to watch from the car in Yellowstone it's a whole different story to make myself a moving buffet. :)


I'm sure I will want to do it again tomorrow. lol

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