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Learning about Asperger's

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I have a friend with a 12 yr son with Asperger's. I don't know much about Asperger's and am looking for a resource to help me understand Asperger's and to offer support and encouragement. We haven't known anyone before with Asperger's or any form of autism. I do know he is considered high functioning, likes math, doesn't like crowds or loud noises. Public school is a struggle as are reading and writing. Homeschooling is being considered as needs aren't being met at school. I'd like to support her in the homeschooling if she and her husband so choose. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. FWIW, the family and I are both Christian and they homeschool another child, not special needs. I homeschool, too, but I know nothing of these types of issues. Thank you! I'll check in later......

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I read Tony Attwood's book when my youngest was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, because our developmental pediatrician said that once my DD overcomes her speech & language delay, she will face similar challenges as kids with Asperger's. I would encourage the parents to read the book as it's got a lot of good information. For you, I'd suggest reading some of the info he has on his website.

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