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iStudiez questions

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I just bought the iStudiez app for my Mac and for the ipads/pods and I think I made a mistake. I can't figure out how to have multiple students. Is this something that I'd have to input directly from each student's device, or can I sit on my computer and do all of the assignments for all of the kids?

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We love iStudiez, but use it for one person, and my impression is that it doesn't have true multi-user capabilities. But I was wondering if this work-around might be possible, since it sounds as though your dc have their own devices. Could you set up one account with an email password, etc. and upload some test data into it. Then go to the upper right hand corner and sign out, then set up a new account -- it would have to have a different email from the first account. You'd just have to sign in and out, but would be on the same mac, same user. It wouldn't be muti-user in the sense that you could see all your dc's work at one time, but if you don't need that....


I hope it works for you. iStudiez is a great program, imo, powerful & flexible.


I think I may have done this inadvertently when we first got iStudiez, but I can't really remember. If that doesn't work, perhaps you could have iStudiez on two separate users on your mac. That would drive me nuts, but it might work.


Another program with multi user capabilities is Schoology -- it is cloud based, works on a computer and has a mobile app. if you are giving multiple kids the same assignment, it could be a good choice. BTW, you might want to register with a fake name; I know I would. I have not used this yet, as it would be overkill for me, but I have heard good things about it. And it is free.

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