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Helpl with Sublevel 2 Processing Program? Could Auditory memory training or TLP help her?

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Ive just bought the Processing Program Level 1 book from SuperDuper. We are having problems figuring out Sublevel 2. It seems like DD (4 yo, Autism dx) has a lot of auditory memory issues. She only seems to remember the last word. Anyone who hasnt used this- it contains a set of pictures that you have to touch on command.


For eg, if I say "Touch the sled with the cup and the dog".


She gets very anxious first of all and then touches any picture containing a cup (after hearing the word cup) and then a dog (after hearing the word dog). She seems to hear and understand the word cup and dog ok. But doesnt get that she needs to touch a picture of both of them.


It seems to me that she is eager to please so she just tries touching anything without waiting for completion of the sentence. Possibly typical impulsivity due to autism?. Or is it that she has very low auditory memory, so she is trying to compensate by doing things as soon as possible?


My Speech therapist is very anal who wont hear of any "home work" being done at home by me- so I dont know who to ask..


Is this the kind of thing that can get remediated by Hearing Builder Auditory Memory or the Fast Forward? Could auditory programs like TLP help for this kind of thing? DD also seems to not hear us when she is engaged in playing on her own. Also, her reception of language is pretty low.

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Do you like this SLP? I have never met a therapist that didn't want parents involved in doing extra therapy. What is the SLP currently targeting with your dd and what do her sessions look like?


I think what you are seeing is due to the receptive language troubles. Maybe try breaking down that concept a bit more for her by showing her first with some toys and then have her copy you.

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Though you could try changing it to: Touch the sled with the cup and the dog in it.


With Autism, their is typically a difficulty with 'inference', and words are taken literally.

So that if you take "Touch the sled with the cup and the dog" literally?

It is only inferred that the sled with cup and the dog 'in it', is what is actually meant?

So you could try adding the qualifier, and see whether she then understands you mean?

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