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tell me I am not crazy, please!


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I am sitting here writing my weekly schedule for this year (we school by the calender year and start end jan/first week of feb) and we use a workbox system with 10 drawers, dd is first grade. Now here is the crazy part, I am thinking about using all of the 10 drawers only for LA, maths and some minor subjects (logic, physical activity and map skills) and then doing either science or history unit studies after finishing the drawers. Am I crazy for doing 10 drawers per day of core skills???

I am thinking something along these lines (note this is a very rough jotting down of thoughts just wanting opinions before the real planning begins):

1. reading (opgrt)

2. reading game/fun activity

3. handwriting (1 worksheet)

4. spelling AAS

5. grammar/comprehension/writing (1 worksheet) rotating through a few subjects, writing will also be covered in the unit studies later in the day so less of a focus in the initial session

6. physical activity

7. math manipulative activity/exploration

8. math program

9. math game

10. either logic or mapping (1 worksheet)


Yes we are big on worksheets, she loves them and i love the ease of planning and sorting when i have a solid program consisting of teaching followed by a single sheet.


Each of these activities will take max about 10 minutes with the exception of maybe the maths program and AAS (15-20 max), some only take her a few minutes so I am guessing all up these 10 activities = maybe 1 1/2 hours at a stretch, more like 1 hour on a typical day. It will be slightly different for each day of the week (ie logic games on one day instead of a worksheet...) but generally this is what i am thinking.


This will then be followed by a break (usually about 45 minutes) with about an hour scheduled later in the day for unit studies in either history or science: 2 days per week on each.


Does this sound like a reasonable first grade plan? Am I doing too much? Missing anything (lol)? Seriously, am i crazy???

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Not crazy at all. D We use workboxes for my 1st grader and his boxes are usually full but it just adds up to 1 to 1 1/2 hours total. We don't do unit studies so I can't tell you if that will be too much on top of everything. How old is your dd? I'm on my phone so can't see siggies.

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