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Good books that don't have a lot of violence/gore in them

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I'm looking for some good books for my own education that don't have a lot of violence or gore in them. I get nightmares easily. I'm starting to think that this is an impossibility... getting a good education without violence or gore.

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I don't remember A Tree Grows in Brooklyn as very violent. A Death in the Family isn't gory or violent either, even though the father of the family dies in a car accident. It's mostly about family life in the early 1900s and how his wife and children deal with their loss. I thought Phantastes (MacDonald) and Surprised by Joy (Lewis) were good, but I don't recall details, so I'm not sure what, if any, violence or gore is in them. I remember the main character in Phantastes dies, but it's not described in detail.


I'm not really sure what books you are looking for. Could you be more specific?

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