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Magic Treehouse Books with SOTW


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I just said to heck with it and started reading the MTH series in order. It's nice when they coincide, as they did when we were reading Hour of the Olympics. But it's okay with me if they don't. MTH bounces around all over the place, so I don't try to make it line up, and everybody survives quite nicely. :-)

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We're near the end of the Magic Tree House series. At first, I tried to line them up chronologically, but it didn't work. There were too many things happening as a story line between the books and my daughter would get confused/frustrated. So, we started them in order. Somewhere around Book 9, they go on a quest for clues (so they can be Master Librarians). Also, there were characters that appeared later (like that mouse thingie and Morgan LaFay). It might not bother some kids to mix them up, but it bothered my daughter (of course!).

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Julie, thank you for that list! You know I didn't think about the books being in order. My oldest son read most of them but my younger ones haven't taken the same interest in them. I kind of thought if I used them for reading when we were doing SOTW that might help, but I might just want them to start reading them on their own. hmmm

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I throw them in when one of the kids mentions them. We were doing Olympics in Greece today in SOTW1, so we'll probably pick up the Olympics one tomorrow when we are at the library. We've done some alongside science this year, too. The younger kids haven't read all of them, but I'm not sure it really bothers them not to hear them in order.

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aaack! That link has since expired! DO we know if/when it will be up? My DS would love to match these up with SOTW





Let's just make a list here. My daughter has already read them all but enjoys re-reading them so I think we'll do these in chronological order along with our world history survey coming up and add in the Fact Trackers. Feel free to correct any time periods I get wrong.




#1 Dinosaurs Before Dark--Cretaceous period

Fact Tracker- Dinosaurs


#7 Sunset of the Sabertooth--Late Pleistocene period

Fact Tracker- Sabertooths and the Ice Age


#3 Mummies in the Morning--2630 BC to 2250 BC

Fact Tracker- Mummies & Pyramids


#16 Hour of the Olympics - around 400 BC

Fact Tracker- Ancient Greece and the Olympics


#49 Stallion by Starlight - mid-4th century BC (Alexander the Great)

Fact Tracker- Horses


#14 Day of the Dragon King - around 220 BC (first emperor of China)


#13 Vacation under the Volcano--79 AD

Fact Tracker- Ancient Rome and Pompeii


#34 Season of the Sandstorms - around mid-700's AD


#15 Viking Ships at Sunrise-- around 9th century AD


#2 The Knight at Dawn-- Middle Ages

Fact Tracker- Knights and Castles


#5 Night of the Ninjas- around 1400's AD


#38 Monday with a Mad Genius--around 1500 AD

Fact Tracker- Leonardo Da Vinci


#25 Stage Fright on a Summer Night- late 1500's AD (Shakespeare)


#37 Dragon of the Red Dawn - around 1600's AD (Japan's Edo period)


#27 Thanksgiving on Thursday--1621 AD

Fact Tracker- Pilgrims


#45 A Crazy Day with Cobras- around mid-1600's AD (India)

Fact Tracker- Snakes and Other Reptiles


#4 Pirates Past Noon-- around 1700 AD (Caribbean)

Fact Tracker- Pirates


#33 Carnival at Candlelight- 1700's (Venice)


#41 Moonlight on the Magic Flute--1762 AD (Mozart, Austria)


#22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday--12/25/1776

Fact Tracker- The American Revolution


#46 Dogs in the Dead of Night- around 1800 (Swiss Alps, Napoleon)

Fact Tracker- Dog Heroes


#18 Buffalo before Breakfast- early 1800's (Lakota Indians)


#44 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time- around 1840's (Dickens- Victorian England)

Fact Tracker- Rags & Riches: Kids in the Time of Charles Dickens


#43 Leprechaun in Late Winter--1860

​ Fact Tracker- Leprechauns & Irish Folklore


#21 Civil War on Sunday- 1860's (Clara Barton)


#47 Abe Lincoln at Last - 1860's

Fact Tracker- Abraham Lincoln


#23 Twister on Tuesday--1870's

Fact Tracker- Twisters


#39 Dark Day in the Deep Sea--1870's

Fact Tracker- Sea Monsters


#10 Ghost Town at Sundown- 1880's (Wild West)


#35 Night of the New Magicians--1889 (Paris Exposition)


#24 Earthquake in the Early Morning--1906 (San Francisco)


#50 Hurry Up Houdini!-- *******not sure, early 1900's

Fact Tracker- Magic Tricks from the Tree House


#17 Tonight on the Titanic--1912

Fact Tracker- Titanic


#42 A Good Night for Ghosts--1916 (New Orleans, Louis Armstrong)

Fact Tracker- Ghosts



#36 Blizzard of the Blue Moon--1938 (Great Depression- New York)


#8 Midnight on the Moon--2036

Fact Tracker- Space




Then these ones may or may not have any significant time travel- at any rate they're more about animals and nature than history:



#40 Eve of the Emperor Penguin-- (no time travel, published 2008)

Fact Tracker- Penguins and Antarctica


#48 A Perfect Time for Pandas- 2008 (China Earthquakes)

Fact Tracker- Pandas and Other Endangered Species


#6 Afternoon on the Amazon

Fact Tracker- Rainforests


#9 Dolphins at Daybreak

Fact Tracker- Dolphins and Sharks


#11 Lions at Lunchtime


#12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime (Has a little about Inuit culture too)

Fact Tracker- Polar Bears & the Arctic


#19 Tigers at Twilight (Indian jungles)



#26 Good Morning Gorillas



#28 High Tide in Hawaii- "ancient Hawaii" (only a little bit about Hawaiian culture though)

Fact Tracker- Tsunamis


books #29-32 have King Arthur/Camelot



...and that's it for now, although MPO is showing no signs of slowing down!

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I tried to line up MTH w/both SOTW and ES Biology, but there is a continuing thread between the books about who is "M" and then what happens after they figure that out. It got confusing very quickly to not read the books in their written order. The later ones especially referenced back to earlier books. I would skip trying to line them up and just read them in written order.

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"Magic Tree House #51: High Time for Heroes" was released earlier this year. It could be squeezed in at the end of Early Modern Times.


Magic Tree House #51: High Time for Heroes features Jack and Annie back in Egypt, still seeking the secrets of greatness for Merlin. This time they will meet the great nurse, Florence Nightingale, on her trip to Egypt that served as the inspiration for the choices that made her both famous and beloved.

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