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Reading level question

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Reading has been hard work for dd who is 6 but she has made progress lately. Recently dd was getting really good at straight phonics stuff and Dr Seuss type stuff but she struggled with regular books. Recently dd has been able to do step into reading books and picture books without a lot of sentences. I have noticed she does well with most 1st grade stuff but she has picked books that I later looked up and were on the 2 or 3rd grade level but she struggles with more of the words in those books.




I just did the reading level assessment on the above link On the first test it has her at the 4th grade 1 month level which I don't agree with. On the second it has her level as the first and that grade 2 books are too difficult. That is obviously quite a difference. I having trouble knowing what books to pick for her. She is doing fine with first grade stuff and it seems she can do 2nd and 3rd grade stuff but there are a lot more words she needs help with. I know I should mostly focus on what she reads well and to sometimes give her stuff she needs to work at but I am having a harder time knowing what is too hard and will be discouraging and how many errors are OK for the stuff she is working on. She doesn't seem to mind when a book is harder. She picks books based on how much text there is. So she won't read a book with lots of lines that has words she is fully capable of reading pretty well but she will read a book that has words she struggles with but doesn't have a lot of lines on the page. She would be capable of decoding the words in frog and toad looking at it but she would take one look at all the words and not want to read it.


She has 5 more lessons left in reading bear and I also do the Blend Phonics Decodable storybooks and have her spell the words at the end and will continue with that once we finish reading bear. Once she finishes reading bear I really think reading books is going to help her the most to get lots of exposure to words and rules. It takes a lot for something to stick as a word that she instantly recognizes but she has made a lot of progress in that area recently and is turning things in words she recognizes right away faster.


I know I ask a lot of questions about reading but she my first and I am trying to figure this out. I'm happy to see her be able to transition to picture books and I want to help her keep making progress.

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