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4 years Latin and add modern language??

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My children are doing well the Form series from MP. We will continue with online courses through AP Latin.


We hope to dual enroll Spanish to meet any modern foreign language requirement, and to prepare them to communicate with spanish speakers in their occupations. Hopefully, Spanish will be easier for them after many years of Latin?


2 semester of cc Spanish would equal 2 years requirement right? Would taking it senior year be a problem? Their 9-11th course schedule is quite intense, and Spanish was always a trainwreck for me.



4 years Latin with AP

2 semesters of cc Spanish senior year? (IF they get in to a spanish class, which should be a consideration too... What do we do if they can't)

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My daughter studied Latin at home from 3rd grade on. She then did 2 years of Latin with our state's virtual school in grades 7 - 9. I would have liked her to take a 3rd year, but she insisted on Spanish instead. It was a piece of cake, but didn't really "count" for anything since she already had her language requirement completed. She is taking Spanish 1 at the cc this semester, which will be a repeat of the year of high school she aleady has. She wants to continue with Spanish at the cc both semesters of her senior year. I think that her Latin background will be very helpful.


So yes your plan looks very doable, and in our experience the cc has LOTS of beginning Spanish classes, so getting in may not be a problem at all.

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