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REWARDS reading program questions...

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So I've been following nukesmoms post about her 11 year old's reading issues. I also have an 11 year old who is a slow reader (he is dyslexic) and I was wondering if the Rewards program mentioned might work for him? He has some mirror word issues (reading saw and was, who and how, ect...) he also is having trouble with bigger words. Where can I find the Rewards workbooks (other then Sopris) and do I need the Teachers Edition ($94!!!)?

I know this is not the exact sub-forum for this question but it is where all the suggestions came from, hoping thats okay?

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You do need the Teacher's Guide, the program just can't be taught without it. I don't think I've seen better pricing than Sopris either. Rewards is great for teaching strategies of how to break down bigger words, however, it did not do much for fluency here. So, I think it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

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Your right FairProspects, Used TG(alibris. Amazon, Abebooks) is more then New from Sopris. What I'm looking to do is help son to be able to read faster. It takes him so long to get through a few sentences, he forgets what he's just read. Most of the issues are due to his LD but I would think that if he could decode some of the bigger word quicker it might help his comprehension.

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